Daddy’s Little Warrior

Daddy’s Little Warrior is a story of inner strength and courage; it’s about realizing the inner self and embracing and nurturing the inner warrior within us. The story deals with a group of friends who are on the path of discovering the inner warrior within them. It’s about life and change, the role change plays, and its necessity in one’s life. It also talks about the significance of having warrior-like qualities. It’s a story of simple and ordinary people who have dreams, hopes, and ambitions. It’s the journey of seven friends, with Isabel and Sophie being the main protagonists, who face challenges of life in their own way. And with the help of their friends—Sasha, Ajax, Belleza, Zoe, and Zephyr—the journey becomes more fun and interesting. These people believe in coming out of their comfort zone and facing their fears. Also, they don’t like to stress much.



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